Diploma in Computer Science

Course Code: DCSC

Level: Diploma

Duration: 2 Years


About the Programme

Diploma in Computer Science course aims to make all eligible young female
students be prepared to take on the most demanding and interesting task in private sector or public
sector as junior software developers with better prospects to upgrade in their career to any
bachelor’s degree in computational and software engineering courses and positions globally.
Computer Scientists and software developers are needed in diverse industries nowadays where
domain knowledge of computer and/or software engineering plus soft skills in entrepreneurship
are required. Computer Scientists focus on design and development of computer systems, software
and other technological application programming interfaces like Websites, Apps on both Android
and iOS.

Data Scientists focus on the discovery and interpretation of hidden patterns in data for
extracting knowledge and insights from data. The ultimate goal of both data scientists and computer scientists is to support decision making, but main emphasis in data science is data whilst main emphasis in computer science is software development and technological systems. Today, specialization in one particular area has yielded website developers, software App developers, Research Scientists, AI and Machine Learning developers, Data scientists and so on. These, various specializations, have proved an important tool for solving community challenges through working in either teams or as independent developers. The Course, thus, intends to empower young ladies (18-35 years) with hands-on knowledge and skills to take up jobs as female