Fees Structure

Before applying, private sponsored students are advised to study our structure of functional fees and ensure there is adequate financial support to cover the fees throughout the course. This is because, as the aim of WITI is to support women in Africa through capacity building, innovation and technology, the Institute shall not charge tuition for the first 5 years of operation. Thus, private students will pay functional fees only.

S/NITEMFEES (Shillings)
1.Tuition fees 500,000 p.a
2.Application Fee 20,000
3.Registration Fee 100,000 p.a
4.Administration Fee 200,000 p.a
5.Examination (Certificate and Diploma) Fee 100,000 p.a
6.Re-examination Fee (per course) 10,000 p.a
7.Library Fee 20,000 p.a
8.Graduation Fee 20,000
9.Transcript Fee 10,000 @
10.Identity Card 15,000
11.National Council for Higher Education Fee 20,000

Note: Tuition and Functional Fees are due in the first Month of the academic year. Students who cannot pay full fees at the start of the academic year are required to pay at least 50% of all the Functional fees. Fees are charged in Uganda Shillings, Ugx.