Students Welfare

During the first or the second weekend after the commencement of course instruction in the beginning of an Academic Year, the newly inducted members of all the institute are given an orientation. This orientation is for a period of two or three days. This is also attended by the Faculty Coordinators and Faculty Representatives and Facilitators of the Institute. Attendance for the orientation is compulsory and absence results in automatic termination of the member and a new member is appointed for the post unless the absentee has informed the Faculty Coordinator in advance through an email and the reason for absence is valid and approved by the Faculty Coordinator.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet
The Institute with the support from the Funders and promoters of, provides computers and/or laptops and related services to students. The Institute assists all students who don’t own personal computers to access and use computers in the laboratory and internet services for free only at the Institute. Refer to the Information Communication Technology Policy for more guidance on use of ICT equipment and internet resources at the Institute.

Library Services
The Institute Library access through the E-resources subscribed by the library are IP based and can be accessed anywhere on the campus. Remote Access to the subscribed library resources is also provided.

Guidance and Counseling
In case you require guidance and counseling on academic or social issues, the first port of call is the faculty head or coordinator, who will guide on the course of action. The Institute Guidance and Counseling is also complimented by the Health professionals of the Institute who are accessed on appointment basis, through the faculty coordinators or leaders.

Financial Support or Sponsorship
As part of its formation, the Institute is committed to accessible, equitable and inclusive education for all, and especially empowerment of females in STEM in line with its Vision, Mission and Core Values. Hence, apart from cross subsidizing most of its programmes, the Institute also offers fee concession, fee waivers, and fellowships to deserving students coming from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Health Services
i. Meditation sessions
ii. Mental health/therapy sessions and counselor contact hours
iii. Students health and wellness