Guidelines for Graduation
1. The graduation ceremony shall be in the semester break in December of the academic year.
2. The graduation ceremony shall be presided by the Institute Principal and all faculty leads and heads shall be present.

3. The Institute Principal should preside over the graduation ceremony and present diplomas and certificates.
4. The graduation ceremony shall take place at the Institute head office or at such other venues as may be agreed upon by the Institute Board and Governing Council.
5. The list of the graduands who have successfully fulfilled all the requirements for presentation of diplomas should be published on the Institute Website at least one month before the date of graduation.

Requirements for Graduation
1. Students must have finished the core course load and taken all required electives.
2. The student must have paid the graduation fee and transcript fee at least one month before the final graduation list is generated.

The Ceremony/Presentation of Diplomas
1. The ceremony for presentation of diplomas shall be presented by the Institute Principal, and assisted by the faculty leads.
2. The ceremony shall be for one day only.