Program Structure

Course CodesCourse TitlesLHPHCUs
Year I: Semester ICORE
CSD110Fundamentals of Web Designing45304
CSD111Introduction to Computer Programming with Python45304
CSD112Communication Skills151
CSD115Mathematical Computing30303
CSD119Computer Applications30303
CSD117Graphics Design with Applications30303
CSD221Introduction to Operating Systems30303
Year 1: Semester IICORE
CSD120Intermediate Web Design & Development45304
CSD131Introduction to Java Programming45304
CSD212Systems Analysis and Design30303
CSD114Introduction to Data Science & Machine Learning30303
CSD201Year I : Industrial Internship (10 weeks)755
Year 1: Semester IIRECESS
CSD121ReactJS for Website Dev’t & RECESS PROJECT15905
Year 2: Semester ICORE
CSD210Intermediate Computer programming using Python (Frameworks, APIs, Databases)45304
CSD211Intermediate Java Programming45304
CSD217Mobile Application Development using Android45304
CSD121Intermediate Data Science & Machine Learning30303
REM117Research Methods in computer Science30303
ENT 116Entrepreneurship in computer science30303
CSD214End of Semester III - Project15905
Year 2: Semester IElective(s)LHPHCUs
CSD220Data Communications for Computer Scientists30303
CSD 221Data Stractures and Algorithms30303
Year 2: Semester IICORE
CSD213Database Management Systems30303
CSD222Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Computing30303
CSD223Software Security for Computer Scientists30303
CSD224Computer Networks for Developers30303


  • LH, PH and CU stand for Lecture Hours, Practical Hours and Credit Units, respectively.
  • Fifteen (15) Contact Hours (CH) are equivalent to one (1) Credit Unit (CU).
  • For lectures: One (1) Lecture Hour (LH) is equivalent to one (1) Contact Hour (CH).
  • For practical work: Two (2) Practical Hours (PH) are equivalent to one (1) Contact Hour (CH). Tutorial Hours(TH) are also equated to contact hours in a similar manner as practical hours.

For Industrial Training: A working day of 8 hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) for industrial training is equivalent to one and a half (1.5) contact Hours (CH). Therefore, 10 weeks x 5 days x 1.5 CH = 75 contact hours, which is 5 credit units.